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  • CM-196

Function Characteristic

The machine adopts full touch screen human-machine interaction interface, automatic feeding, Continuous punching and hitting device, simple operation, Energy conservation and efficient. Adopt the market electric, pneumatic pin universal mold. No special mold is needed, and the connecting mold can be replaced easily. Depending on the button size, the track can be easily adjusted in width and height. Foot control feeding mechanism, upper and lower buckle feed at the same time.  Laser assisted positioning, safe operation.  Punching, riveting buttons, straight front and back movement to ensure that buttons concentric.  Fast fastening speed (speed up to 3000rps; 50pills per minute), 4-6 times faster than normal manual labor.  Widely used in clothing, shoes, leather goods, stationery and other supplies of four buckle buckle.

New upgrade point:

Small mouth mesa: a wider range of applications. 

Step two sections: no adjustment magnetic switch. 

Automatic drainage: improve the service life of pneumatic components. 

Improved stability of the lower feeding buckle, bottom feeding more accurate and more efficient. 

The overall structure upgrade: more beautiful, more convenient debugging, more ergonomic. 

Bottom buckle and gasket: suitable for more than 95% of C-side buttons on the market, multiple screening, multiple Adjustment, 5-6 times faster than manual gasket.

Button applicable range;

A-Outer diameter:φ1-φ22mm 

C-Outer diameter:φ5-φ15mm 

C-S-Outer diameter:φ9-φ12mm

Q-Outer diameter:φ6-φ12mm